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Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

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No more alcohol in buses and in city trains in Hamburg

From the 1st of September 2011, Hamburg released a new regulation concerning the use of public transportation.  An open consumption of alcohol in buses and city trains has been banned. Too many persons, (in majority the youngsters), drank during these past years unabashed and openly in public highly concentrated alcoholic drinks. Beside beer, vodka, wine, liqueur and champagne, these things were drunk immediately from bottles. The negative and often aggressive behavior of the drunken persons disturbed and affected most of the rest of the other passengers.

Fights and brawls, insults and knife - stabbing (often with death as result of knife injury) go partly on the account of this kind of excessive alcohol abuse. Even children, in the age of 10 years, were not able to avoid this influence and accepted this situation as a routine practice from the elders. Some kids followed the bad example of the drunken adults and youngsters.

Lower Saxony for example, a private railway company go to the Homepage  has already banned the open consumption of alcohol for a long time in his trains. The consumption of alcohol ban applies since the 15th of November 2009; the drinking of alcohol is not permitted aboard any more. Now Hamburg begins to start an example with this initiative. Whether other federal states follow this example, will show up in the coming time.

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